How to set up responsive images in the Summernote Text Editor

Summernote applies a fixed width to images. This can be frustrating, but there's a solution.

1 year ago

SubjectPoint is built on top of the Laravel Framework, and it uses the open-source Summernote text editor for creating and editing blog posts. This works great, but frustratingly, Summernote applies a fixed width to images. Even more frustratingly, any edits to the image property are overwritten by Summernote. This leads to images failing to resize according to the size of the browser window.

To fix this, add this bit of code to the bottom of the page (note that this only works if you're loading jQuery, which you should be as Summernote uses jQuery):

    $("img").css("max-width", "100%");

This will ensure that the image is never wider than the content, and that images will be resized accordingly no matter how large or small the browser window is. Since we're also leaving the width property alone, images will never scale wider than they should. It is kind of an ugly hack, but it gets the job done without having to modify Summernote's source code.

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